How many resources of your company can be outsourced?
Is it possible to have a company 100% outsourced? Sure! Here is how.

Rarely used outsourcing services

Outsourcing of logistics services and SEO are already very common, but many other services for e-commerce is still not often used. Few examples:
– Product descriptions
– Virtual Consultant
– Photos of products
– Accounting
Each of these services is able to effectively relieve our business by entrusting the responsibility on an external company and allows us to take care of the control of our ship. We have time for laying out the direction of development, handling relevant job.

What to outsource?

You should adopt the principle of outsourcing everything what is cyclic, repetitive or schematic. If a person repeatedly, at a specified time, performs the same function, that is, that script or integrator can do it, and when this opportunity will be too costly to implement (ie. Too costly to automate warehouse operation), then you should outsource it out determining the exact rate of one cycle, eg. for the pack, listing document, clicks, delivery and so on.
Thanks to this action we singling predictable costs, which can be easily included in the unit cost of the project and in this way to calculate profitability of the project. We eliminate the risks and let us do the development and marketing.

What not to outsource?

With the development of technology and the scope of e-commerce specialists the number of such cases decreases rapidly. While what to leave to operate within the company tasks that require knowledge of the development strategy of the company and its confidential information. Generally speaking, leaves the job that suited the course of our company.
Of course, even this task can instruct with the relevant clauses of confidentiality, but it is not very secure solution.

Some tips

A few tips about outsourcing:
– Never delegate things, which you did not see fit to be necessary. Allowing contractors loop unnecessary work intensifies costs rather than eliminate them.
– Establish measures and targets in the contract. Never bring to the situation that you have to rely on the competence of the people, so the numbers eliminate this problem.
– Expect detailed reports. No need to check their on your own, but they give countable picture of the effectiveness of the contractor.
– Have a lifebuoy. What if the contractor fails? You must be able painless withdraw from the agreement at the end of it you pay for it, so you bet conditions.