For the most companies, the biggest expense is the employees. And this is also funding high-risk. Companies investing in various training to maximize the achievement of their subordinates. Another risk in this case, however, is that the already-trained employee will leave our company, taking with him the knowledge for which we paid.

Minimizing risk

The first step to increase the efficiency of staff should be eliminating their obligations by moving them in whole or in part the operation of computers or various types of automations. We gain this way countable set of functions that previously performed by our staff. In addition, we get assured of getting the same effect during each round of action.

Reduce the cost of change

With full automation of workers at the need for changes in the way the activity is just one programmer hired for the time change, instead of training on classroom whole number of employees and pay them 100% of the rate for the whole period of training.

Increase productivity

No human ever filled a form faster than a computer. No man ever will write email updates faster than a computer. With repetitive, schematic work computer will always be faster. A person should only deal with what requires creative thinking, predicting improvement. Leave the people what is human, because what is human is never schematic.


Our company sells socks. When a customer places an order, you need to give him proof of purchase. So far, support the magazine received such a document in paper form from sales and affix it to the package. Now, thanks to automation, confirmation of sale is sent to the customer by e-mail in the form of a link to the download. The company now wants to join the document withdrawal. If this assumption were to be made in the traditional way we had to deploy one additional cycle of transmission of an additional document to pack. Thanks to automation, we can accomplish in a few hours programmer and forget about the topic until the next change or failure, which is much less likely than a series of human errors in the traditional manner.

Encourage employees to … fire themselfes!

When employees know that you strive to ensure that automate their work, or looking at her. They begin to identify the things that can be automated, give them into the hands of developers, and we deal with more important matters. It pays a much higher rate of development of the company’s performance than any training. Employees instead of taking knowledge, adopt a way of thinking that gives benefits to both sides. And if the employee does not want to accept this way of thinking … fire him!