Automation is great. Improves productivity and eliminates error-causing human factor, reduces costs.

The various integrators such as Zapier or IFTTT give us hundreds of thousands of possibilities. We do not need even a programmer. You can rely on them, they are dependable.

Here’s a recipe for a completely automated process of buying and selling in our online store:
– Integrator retrieves a list of suppliers of new products, current prices and available inventory.
– The system updates the database of products and prices with accrued margin.
– The customer buys products in the online store.
– System commissions to store shipping certain products to the customer.
– Upon receipt of the parcel by the client system sends an e-mail asking for an opinion of the products obtained and personalized discount code for the next purchase.

This system covers approx. 95% of all orders, customer service is not needed. Customers serve themselves. We, as a store, intervene only in two cases:
– Questions from the customer (eg. E-mail, chat, telephone)
– Complaints

And that’s it. Giving marketing in the hands of an interactive agency, and customer service consultants receive virtual machine for making money by bringing the whole store to numbers. We can it operate looking at indicators of customer service (buy a new consultant?), Handling orders (to change a logistics center?), Delivery times of items (change courier?) And so on. All we have under control and we can devote their time to developing the next branch of our business.

The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work.
~ Richard Bach

If you think that making things manually make you able to be sure that job is done good – let’s look how many mistakes you’ve done when you manually type any bank account number and how much time you waste on it. Computers are always right, only programmers can spoil it.